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Why Whoopee Hill? The History of Names

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Weekly Acorn #2

Although this information is already on the website, I thought I would mention it here as well. This week’s acorn will reveal the history of several important names in our neighborhood. So, read and enjoy!

Harmon Avenue got it’s name for the Harmon sisters who lived in a cabin on a small farm, which is now part of nearby Woodberry Forest.

It is said that the Harmon sisters are responsible for the name of Oak Crest. The Davis family, who lived on Sunnynoll Farm (corner of Reynolda and Polo), would have their children carry fresh fruits and vegetables to the Harmon sisters. The children would carry the fresh goods on a cart pulled by a pony named Toby. They would go through the fields of Sunnynoll and the forest of beautiful oak trees, down the steep hill on the back side of Crepe Myrtle Circle to the Harmon’s little cabin.  The children called the steep hill “whoopee hill” because as they went down the hill they would all yell “whoopee”. Since the crest of the hill contained oak trees, the Harmon sisters called the area “Oak Crest”.

Oak Crest History & Vintage Photos

Friday, October 19th, 2007


Weekly Acorn #1

This week’s update is to inform you that the Historic Oak Crest Photo Gallery is now featuring historical facts for each house.  This is experimental for now; so please bear with me as I learn how to best present these exciting historical facts. 

Also, please notice that I have added a Vintage Photos section.  It contains early photos of houses and the neighborhood along with interesting facts about the houses and the people who lived in the community. 

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