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Updates To HOC Photo Gallery

Friday, November 30th, 2007

314-friendship.jpg large-lake-9.jpg 119-rosedale_renamed_2305.jpg wake-forest-university-3.jpg

Weekly Acorn # 7

Thanksgiving weekend was absolutely beautiful!  I really enjoyed the crisp cool Autumn weather.   So, I borrowed a digital camera from my cousin and walked all through the neighborhood snapping pictures and chatting with neighbors.  

I have spent many late night hours this week downloading, labeling, cropping, and uploading photos to the point I am almost crosseyed!  But they are finally up and looking good!  

I added about 350 photos, so now all of the houses in Oak Crest are included in the Historic Oak Crest Photo Gallery.  

In the weeks ahead I will be fine tuning and adding content to the photos as time permits.  

We now have summer and fall photos.   Maybe if we get some snow this winter, I may get the urge to add more.  And next spring will be excellent for even more photos.   Then we will have all seasons represented in the gallery.  

Many thanks to Apryl Roland for the use of her camera.

Oak Crest Project Update

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

Weekly Acorn #6

This week I want to share with you were I am with this project.   When I first began a couple of years ago, my intention was to have some sort of written documentation (i.e. a booklet) with the history of OC along with photos, whos who, and put all of it in chronological order.   That option is still not out of the question.  

But since I have created the website, photo gallery, and this blog, I can share the information with you as I receive it and add it to the site.  Now everyone can enjoy this information much faster than waiting on me to complete the project and then put it all in a booklet form.   Isn’t technology wonderful?!

I have not conducted interviews in a very long time.    There are quite a few people on my list too.  Unfortunately, a couple of them have passed away and I have missed the opportunity to interview them.   So, I suppose I had better get busy!

Recently I researched each house in OC and obtained the dates that each house was built.   I will be adding this information in the Historic Oak Crest Photo Gallery as time permits. 

The photo gallery gives me the option to add content below each photo.   I think this is the best means for me to publish the information as I gather it.  Right now the gallery is categorized by Street.  In the future I may also categorize by date (i.e.  1920-1930). 

Currently, I only have photos of about 1/3 of the houses in OC.   I hope to complete the collection in the next few months.   I am also researhing property records and transfer dates.   This information is all handwritten.   It takes time to piece it together and keep it accurate.  

I have also obtained multiple copies of a map of OC.   I will use these to illustrate the growth of the neighborhood over different time inervals.    This will help build a time line of history.  

Then comes the part I really like.   I will then attempt to figure out which families are related to one another and which residents have moved around to different homes within OC.   This is the information that makes our community so interesting.   I have already learned so much just reading the property records.   I had no idea that so many people were related to one another while others have house hopped all over Oak Crest.  

Finally, I am really interested in vintage photos.   I would appreciate any photos you are willing to share.   I can easily scan them in my computer, so I can assure you your photos will not be damaged.   Any old photos of houses or people (black & white or color) are all eligible to be posted to the site.   Check out the vintage photos that are already posted.

If anyone has any information or photos they would like to share that would enrich the historic background of Oak Crest, please contact me at 336.727.9771  or via email at ktsnc@triad.rr.com .  All information is very much appreciated.

For more information on the Oak Crest Project, please see the complete proposal.

Responding To Posts On This Blog

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

Weekly Acorn #5

Update:  I am no longer accepting comments on this blog.   As this site has progressed, I felt it serves its purpose better as a non-interactive weekly historic newsletter rather than a blog.  So, registration and comments are no longer available. 

So far I have received positive feedback on my site, the photo gallery, and this blog.   I want to encourage everyone to feel free to respond to any of the posts with your comments.  

Please keep in mind though that I prefer your comments be directly related to the history of Oak Crest,  sharing fond memories, historic preservation ideas, vintage photos, or any other Oak Crest facts.   If you have concerns about UANA meetings, community services (garbage pick up, property upkeep, etc), noise ordinance, parking issues, rental/student houses, or student behavior; please refer those concerns to the UANA Executive board or to the UANA website

Before you can respond to the posts you will need to do the following:

first you will need to register as a user.   This is a one time thing.  

On the right hand side of the blog under “Meta”, there is a “Register” link.  Click on that link and fill out the requested information and a password will be sent to you.  

It takes just a minute or so for the passord to be emailed.  If you do not receive an email within a couple of minutes of registration, check your spam file if you have one.  

At the bottom of each post there is a “Comment” link.    Click on that link, then under “Leave a Reply”  you will need to be “logged in”  to able to post your comments.  

Be sure to remember your username and password.

I look forward to reading your responses.

The Almost Forgotten Neighborhood

Friday, November 9th, 2007

calm-reflections-5-120-x-80.jpg 321-friendship-120-x-81.jpg 

Weekly Acorn #4

The Oak Crest neighborhood originated around 1920.   Old maps and real property records are clearly marked as Oak Crest.   But somewhere the name was lost and lay dormant for many years.   In those days neighborhoods did not have markers or signs to welcome you as you entered their boundries.   The folks who lived there knew the name, but other people outside of OC or outside of the city may not have knowledge of it.   So far, the residents I have interviewed have told me that they were aware of the name OC, but that it was not used very much.

Then during the mid 1950’s when the Reynolds family donated a portion of their estate so that Wake Forest College could relocate their campus to Winston-Salem, the Oak Crest area was in the limelight, but not as Oak Crest.   Somehow the name must have been lost in all of the excitement of the new college.   Soon people began talking about the “Wake Forest” area which included Oak Crest and the adjacent neighborhood of Long Acres.   The title “Wake Forest Area” stuck and has been called that ever since; even though Oak Crest was around long before Wake Forest University.      

With the construction of the new college came new construction in the adjacent neighborhoods and even new neighborhoods (Faculty Drive/Reynolda Woods and Woodberry Forest).   It is only natural that faculty and staff would want to live close to where they would be working.   The Wake Forest University Home Owners Association offers some additional interesting historical information.

 A couple of years ago I recalled the name of Oak Crest when I discovered a box in my attic with the name “Oak Crest Florist” on it.   I had been wanting to initiate a project or some positive strategy for the University Area Neighborhood Association (UANA)  to focus on to enhance membership and participation.   Thus, the Historic Oak Crest Project was born.  Now we have a website, a photo gallery, and this blog to learn and enjoy the history of our neighborhood.  

I hope that our efforts to learn about the rich history of Oak Crest and preserve its charm and character as well as its value to our community will make it a wonderful neighborhood for many generations in the future.

The Boundries of Oak Crest

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

Weekly Acorn #3

Some of you may be wondering exactly what area makes up the boundries of Oak Crest.   Based on the information I have so far the Oak Crest area is the stretch of Polo Road between Reynolda Road and University Parkway (formerly Bethabara Road) and all of the streets branching from it (Friendship Cir, Freds Rd, Idlewild Dr, Student Dr, Crepe Myrtle Cir, Harmon Av, Hobart St, and Rosedale Cir).   You can refer to this map to see the OC neighborhood.

In my historical research I will be including Reynolda Road from the Reynolda House and heading north to Reynolda Manor Shopping Center.   The reason for this is because the families that settled in that area had an influence in the development of Oak Crest.   The Reynolds, Gray, Davis, Hine, Myers, and Henning families to name a few.   And, lets not forget Crystal Lake, and Dr. Cox (Chiropractor) and Dr. Speas (General Medicine) who both had offices in their homes on Reynolda Road.  

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