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Oak Crest (Part 8) - Proposed Belmont Court

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

Weekly Acorn #37

The story of Belmont Court - the street that wasn’t!

In several of my past Weekly Acorns (WA) I have referenced Aaron Ln and Belle Vista Ct (WA #19); lot T on Rosedale Cr (WA #32); and lot 137 1/2 on Rosedale Cr (WA #35) stating that I would discuss these more in a later post.  Well, this week I am going to wrap up some loose ends surrounding these topics. 

Oak Crest actually has two additional little streets but they are not connected to any of the other streets in the neighborhood.   Originally, there was to be a single street that branched off of Rosedale Cr where 135 Rosedale is now located.  The street was to be called Belmont Court but it was never cut through.  

Instead, Belmont Ct was redesigned into two streets (Aaron Ln and Belle Vista Ct) and became accessible from Faculty Dr, north (now Allen Easley Way) on the campus of Wake Forest University.   Here is what happened……

In 1934, T L and S C Ogburn purchased a large parcel of land (~ 11 acres) on the southeast end of Rosedale Cr (parcel 137 1/2, which was derived from lot T).  Then in April 1936 they had it subdivided into several lots which was platted by C M Miller, C. E. (Civil Engineer).  The parcel was divided into seven large lots which would be accessible by a proposed single street off Rosedale Cr that would run along the east border of the original parcel (at the time this was adjacent to the Reynolda estate, now WFU).  These large lots were all located on the west side of the proposed street and the Reynolda estate (now WFU) was located along the east side of the proposed street.  Also that same year a house was built on lot #1 (lot closest to Rosedale).   The property was then sold several times and was finally purchased by W C Aaron and wife Rosa Anna in 1943. 


This plat shows the subdivision of lot 137 1/2 on Rosedale Cr as proposed with a single street (Belmont Ct) and 7 lots.  Click on the plat above to view an expanded version or visit the entire Historic Oak Crest Photo Gallery.

That same year the Aarons divided lots 2-7 of the parcel into smaller lots (1-11) and changing the original lot #1 into lot #12 and keeping it for themselves and living in the existing house (I will tell more about this house in an upcoming post).   In this change they also relocated the proposed street.  Instead of having the street to run along the east border of the parcel, it was rerouted to run down the middle of the parcel with the smaller lots on either side of the street.  The name of this street was to be Belmont Ct  (perhaps named after the Aaron’s daughter, Annabelle Aaron Montgomery).

Mr Aaron passed away in 1952 and Rosa Anna Aaron became sole owner of the still undeveloped property.  Then when the adjacent Reynolda estate property was donated to Wake Forest College by the Reynolds family to build their new campus, Mrs Aaron negotiated with the College to have access to the property from the new campus.  This also provided a market for those lots to Wake Forest personnel.

This deal created a change in the property from one proposed steet (Belmont Ct) to the two streets that are pesent today.  Aaron Ln is one block long and begins at Allen Easley Way (formerly Faculty Dr, north) between buildings 5 & 6 of Faculty Apartments and extends west for one block.  Then Belle Vista Ct picks up at the end of Aaron Ln and runs south one (long) block and ends in a cul-de-sac. 


This plat shows the subdivision of lot 137 1/2 as it was actually developed with two streets (Aaron Ln and Belle Vista Ct) and 12 lots.   Notice that there is no connection to Rosedale Cr.  Instead, Aaron Ln connects with Allen Easley Way on the campus of WFU.  Click on the plat above to view an expanded version or visit the entire Historic Oak Crest Photo Gallery.

Aaron Ln was named after the family, of course, and Belle Vista Ct was named after the Aaron’s daughter, Annabelle Aaron Montomery.

Because these streets are accessible from WFU and not through Rosedale Cr, as originally planned, they are now recognized as part of the Wake Forest University Property Owners Association.  But to us, they will always be Oak Crest’s “little orphans.”

Oak Crest (Part 7) - Parcel 22, Oak Crest Drive

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

Weekly Acorn #36

At the same time the streets in Oak Crest were being created from large parcels and subdivided into smaller lots, some of the other (smaller) parcels were being subdivided into smaller lots as well.  Lot 22 along Oak Crest Dr (now Polo Rd) was one of the first original parcels to be subdivided into smaller lots. 

Lot 22 was originally slightly over 2 acres and was first purchased from the Fries brothers on 11/30/1923 by J H Mills.  Then Snyder - Knott & Co (a developer, I think) purchased the parcel on 12/27/1927.  Then in February 1928 the parcel was split into 3 nice size lots (lots 22A, 22B, and 22C) by Hinshaw & Marshall, C. E. (Civil Engineers).  Each lot was approximately 100 feet across the front and 287 feet deep. 

Then lot 22B was resubdivided into lots 104 and 105 sometime between 1932 and 1939.  Lot 104 was only 15 feet across the front and lot 105 was 85 feet across the front.  Eventually lots 22A and 104 became what is now 1307 Polo and lots 105 and 22C became what is now 1231 Polo - Campus Gas (formerly Paul Hauser’s country store).


This plat shows the subdivision of parcel 22, Oak Crest Dr (now Polo Rd) into lots 22A, 22B (now 104 & 105), and 22C.  Lot 22A and 104 are now 1307 Polo and lots 105 and 22C are where Paul Hauser’s country store used to be located at 1231 Polo (currently Campus Gas).  Click on the plat above to view an expanded version or visit the entire Historic Oak Crest Photo Gallery.

Oak Crest (Part 6) - Rosedale Circle - Resubdivision

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

Weekly Acorn #35

In July 1927, Harmon Av was created on parcel 27 of Oak Crest and subdivided into small lots.   At the same time the west half of Rosedale Cr, which had already been created in May 1924 and subdivided into nice large sized lots, was resubdivided in to small lots like those on Harmon. 

Then, in October 1927, the east half of Rosedale Cr was resubdivided into small lots as well (lots 116 - 165).  However, there were a few exceptions.  Lots C, D, and F from the first subdivision remained the same.  One small lot adjacent to lot F was already sold and was labeled as lot 201 (currently where the house at 116 Rosedale Cr is located). 

Over the years lots C and F were eventually resubdivided.  Lot D remained as one large lot and is the only original sized lot of the first subdivision of Rosedale.  This lot is located at the corner of Rosedale and Polo currently where the house at 1210 Polo is located.

Lot T was the largest lot on Rosedale at just over 11 acres.  Lot T was resubdivided into lots 137  1/2, and 138-141 (if I measured correctly).  I will discuss lot 137 1/2 further in a later post.  


This plat shows the resubdivision of Rosedale Cr (lots A - T) into lots (48 - 165; and 201).  Lots C, D, and F from the first subdivision remained the same, however in later years lots C and F were resubdivided also.  Click on the plat above to view an expanded version or visit the entire Historic Oak Crest Photo Gallery.

The 85th Anniversary Of Oak Crest

Saturday, June 7th, 2008

Weekly Acorn # 34 

This week I am interrupting the multi-part series on the creation of Oak Crest for a very special reason.  June 2008, marks the 85th anniversary of Oak Crest.

To celebrate the occasion, please plan to attend an old-fashioned style picnic in a beautiful open field.  Bring your family, a blanket (and/or a chair if you wish), a picnic basket with your own food and drink (no alcohol please), and enjoy the fellowship with your neighbors.  Feel free to bring frisbees, badminton, croquet, football, baseball & gloves, etc.

This will be a great opportunity for long time residents to reunite and share stories of days gone by with one another and to meet new neighbors.

When: Saturday, June 21, 2008 (rain date - June 28) Noon – 3 pm

Where: The large field behind 1165 Polo (corner of Polo and Friendship) – look for balloons on Friendship Cr.

Parking: Please walk if you can, but if you do drive park along Friendship Cr.  The field is WFU property and they request that nobody park on the field.

Other Instructions: Keep it simple, please. Bring your own “everything”.  Remember that this is an old-fashioned picnic.  Garbage bags will be provided for any trash, so please clean up after yourselves. Thanks!

Hosted By: Kent Strupe, UANA Vice President/Historian

I will be distributing flyers to Oak Crest residents as well.

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