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Oak Crest (Part 12) - Rosedale Circle - Revision

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

Weekly Acorn #41

Well, here we are again with yet another revision to Rosedale Cr.  This time it is for lots 84 - 92 and 126 - 131 into lots A1 - A5 and 101 - 102.  This revision was platted by June Lineback in May 1946. 


This plat shows the revision of Rosedale Cr (lots 84 - 92 and 126 - 131) into lots (A1 - A5 and 101 - 102).   Click on the plat above to view an expanded version or visit the entire Historic Oak Crest Photo Gallery.

I will be wrapping up this multi-part series through August with a very interesting post on a proposed estate, and then a summary of each of the 27 original parcels as they were developed.  Then I have a lot more information to share that should take us through the end of the year.  So, stay turned and enjoy!

Oak Crest (Part 11) - Parcel 19, Polo Road

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

Weekly Acorn #40

Another parcel in Oak Crest that was subdivided into smaller lots was parcel 19, Polo Rd (formerly Oak Crest Dr).  It is located at the intersection of Friendship Cr and Polo Rd.  Friendship intersects with Polo twice, so I am referring to the west intersection.  The parcel was purchased by T E Lupo (no purchase date found on record) from the Fries brothers.  Then in March 1939 the parcel was subdivided into 6 lots by C M Marshall C. E. (Civil Engineer).

Lots 1 - 3 were approximately 80 feet across the front (fronting Polo Rd) and about 200 feet deep.  Lot 4 was slightly larger with about 107 feet across the front.  Lots 5 and 6 were triangular shaped and were 173 and 221 feet across the front (fronting Friendship Cr) and approximately 160 feet deep.


This plat shows the subdivision of parcel 19, Polo Rd into lots (1 - 6).  Click on the plat above to view an expanded version or visit the entire Historic Oak Crest Photo Gallery.

Oak Crest (Part 10) - Crepe Myrtle Circle

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

Weekly Acorn #39

Crepe Myrtle Cr was the last street to be created in Oak Crest.  A large parcel of land that was owned by brothers, J A and H A Nading, and located adjacent to the Fries brothers Oak Crest development, became known as “Nading’s Addition.”  This parcel was located along the south side of Polo Rd (formerly Oak Crest Dr) and adjacent to the west border of the original parcel 27 (now Harmon Av) of Oak Crest. 

The Nading’s parcel was subdivided into lots 1-74, with the first 8 lots fronting Polo Rd.  It was platted by C M Miller, C. E. (Civil Engineer) in April 1937.  The lots ranged in size from about 50 - 60 feet across the front and 150 - 190 feet deep  (and about 100 feet across the front and 225 feet deep for the lots fronting Polo Rd).

The name of the street comes from the crepe myrtle trees that H A Nading planted along both sides of the street.  If you will notice the original spelling of the name on the plat is “Crape Myrtle” with an “a.” 

Also, this plat contains an important piece of information.  It shows Oak Crest Dr labeled as Polo Rd. In my previous post, Weekly Acorn #36, the plat of the subdivision of Parcel 22 shows the street name as Oak Crest Dr.  So, sometime between February 1928 and April 1937 the name Oak Crest Dr was changed to Polo Rd. 

Mary Nading McGeehee, daughter of H A Nading, is in her mid nineties and still owns her home on the circle.  Hopefully, I will be able provide more information on the Nadings in a later post.


This plat shows the subdivision of Crepe Myrtle Cr from Nading’s Addition into lots (1 - 74).  Click on the plat above to view an expanded version or visit the entire Historic Oak Crest Photo Gallery.

Oak Crest (Part 9) - Idlewild Drive

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

Weekly Acorn #38

Idlewild Dr is a long hilly street that is located north (NE) of and intersects with Friendship Cr and ends in a cul-de-sac.  The street runs between the original parcels 8 and 9 and was subdivided into 26 lots which were platted in May 1936 by C M Miller, C. E. (Civil Engineer) and was owned by the Buena Vista Co.

The lot sizes range in size from about 85 to 100 feet wide and from about 200 to 540 feet deep.  

I am not sure where the name came from.  As you will notice on the plat that it was originally called Idlewild St and the cul-de-sac was called “Idlewild Circle.”  Today it is referred to as Idlewild Dr (which is the way I have always known it).  However, the street sign reads “Idlewilde” with an “e” on the end. 

There is one side street that branches on the east side near the end, Idlewilde Ct.  There are several A frame houses along this street.   Then there is a subdivision that branches north of the cul-de-sac called Idlewilde Heath.  Neither Idlewilde Ct or Idlewilde Heath are considered as part of the original Oak Crest neighborhood.  Correction:  These ARE part of Oak Crest and I tell about them in parts 17 & 18 of this series. 


This plat shows the subdivision of Idlewild Dr from the original parcels 8 & 9 into lots (1 - 26).  Click on the plat above to view an expanded version or visit the entire Historic Oak Crest Photo Gallery.

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