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Same House, New Address

January 11th, 2009

Weekly Acorn #62

In the past few years that I have been researching the history of Oak Crest, there have been several mysteries that I have had problems solving.  This is one of them.  If I had not met and talked with one of the owners of a particular house, I would have never known of its interesting past.   I have talked with several long time residents and studied maps and plats enough that I believe I have figured this one out.

The house I am referring to is 111 Idlewild Dr.  So, let’s start from the beginning…..

Friendship Cr was an original street that was created in 1923 when Oak Crest was platted into 27 parcels.  Two of those parcels (parcels 8 & 9) were subdivided and a new street, Idlewild Dr, was cut between the two parcels in May 1936.  Idlewild Dr was divided into 26 lots.   These lots were very large, ranging in size from 85-100 feet across the front and 205-540 feet deep.   


This original plat shows the subdivision of Oak Crest parcels 8 & 9 into 26 lots and Idlewild Dr in May 1936.  This plat also shows lots 25 & 26 before they were subdivided into smaller lots (lots 101, 25B, 26B, 25C, and 26C.)  Click on the plat above to view an expanded version or visit the entire Historic Oak Crest Photo Gallery.

Lots 25 & 26 were located at the east corner of Friendship Cr and Idlewild Dr.  Both lots fronted Friendship Cr and they were among the smallest in size of these 26 lots.  G W and Lois Nicks purchased these two lots in June 1936 from the Buena Vista Co, the developer who subdivided the original parcels and created Idlewild Dr. 

The Nicks’ built a house on the property in 1938 that became -?- Friendship Cr.  [I have researched in all of the places I could think, but have not been successful in obtaining the original house number.  If I were to make an educated guess, based on the number pattern on Friendship, I would lay odds that the house number was either 137 or 147 Friendship.]  Also, in March 1938, the Nicks’ split the back portion of their two lots to create a new lot (lot 101) that fronted Idlewild Dr and sold it to S L and Nellie Naff.  The Naffs built a house on that lot the same year that became 121 Idlewild Dr. 

111-idlewild-2-256-x-192.jpg    121-idlewild-3-256-x-174.jpg

The house on the left is 111 Idlewild Dr which used to face Friendship Cr until it was rotated in 1950.  The section on the left with the bay window was added years later after the house was rotated.   The house on the right is 121 Idlewild Dr.  This is the house that DeParx Stimpson renovated and enlarged.  In order to add the garage on the right and the additional lawn, he had to purchase and move the house on the corner in order to accomodate that lot’s now smaller size.  Click on the photos above to view an expanded version or visit the entire Historic Oak Crest Photo Gallery.

Then in April 1940 the Naffs sold their house (121 Idlewild) to DeParx and Ethel Stimpson.  The next year in October 1941 the Nicks sold their house (-?- Friendship) to John and Helen Jones, Jr. 

Later in February 1950, the Joneses sold their house to DeParx Stimpson.  This is when the fun began.  The Stimpson’s now owned both houses.   Mr Stimpson was a very successful engineer and also the inventor of the heat pump.  I will have to do a post on him at a later date.   Anyway, Mr Stimpson wanted to do major renovations and additions to his house at 121 Idlewild, which is why he purchased the adjacent house on the corner.  He needed more land to accomodate the expansion of his house.  He decided he could get the additional land from the adjacent property.  But, in order to do this, a couple of things had to take place. 

First, the house on the corner (-?- Friendship) needed to be moved in order to allow the extra land to be added to the adjacent property.   So, the corner house was rotated clockwise 90 degrees which made it face Idlewild Dr instead of Friendship Cr.   This also meant that the address had to be changed from -?- Friendship to a new address, 111 Idlewild.  By rotating the house, it allowed it to be centered on what was left of the original lots after they were to be split up.  However, the driveway and single car garage were left intact and still accessed from Friendship, now behind the house rather than beside it.

Mr Stimpson took approximately 72.5 feet from the back of lots 25 & 26 (-?- Friendship) and that became extra footage across the front of his lot (lot 101) making a total of approximately 152.5 feet for 121 Idlewild.  

Lots 25 & 26 (renamed 25A & 26A prior to the split) were subdivided and called 25B, 25C, 26B, & 26C.   So, these new smaller lots 25B & 26B became the additional footage for 121 Idlewild, now consisting of lots 101, 25B, & 26B.   What was left were lots 25C & 26C to accomodate the corner house, now called 111 Idlewild.


This revised plat shows the resubdivision of lots 25 & 26 into lots 101, 25B, 26B, 25C, and 26C.  Click on the plat above to view an expanded version or visit the entire Historic Oak Crest Photo Gallery.

After Mr Stimpson completed these transitions he sold 111 Idlewild to Ruby Davis Moran in December 1950.  Since then, 111 Idlewild has had several owners, a major addition, and the single car garage was replaced with a two car garage with bonus room above it.  And most recently, city records has changed the property from lots 25C & 26C and is now being called lot 102.

Now that I have you thoroughly confused and crosseyed, if you will take the time to read it again and look at the plats (above), it should all make eventually sense. 

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