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Weekly Acorn #13

A trip to the main library today helped to clarify some questions I had and enlighten me as well.  I was trying to get a better understanding of the exact boundries of Oak Crest and determine if any of the “Long Acres” area was ever part of Oak Crest.   Well, I stumbled on to a lot of interesting information regarding “Long Acres”. 

Until now we have been claiming the area of Polo Rd between University Pky and Cherry St and all of the side streets north and south of Polo to be Long Acres.   Well that is not the case at all.   This area is really comprised of several neighborhoods.   I also discovered that some of the street names have been changed over the years as well.   I examined two Forsyth County maps from 1907 and 1927 and a Winston-Salem City map from 1955.  Then I examined old plats from 1975. 

With that said, here is a breakdown of these neighborhoods: 

Long Acres - (established August 1959) This neighborhood consists of only one street.   It was part of C. A. Long’s dairy farm along Polo Rd.  It was supposed to have one side street that would have connected to the adjacent neighborhood of Lakewood. 

Marlowe Av - (Originally Marlowe Drive) This is the only street in the Long Acres neighborhood. 

Ambridge Rd - This street was never developed.   It was supposed to begin off Marlowe Dr on the east side and run about a block or so and connect with Lakewood Dr.


Click on the plat above to view an expanded version or visit the entire Historic Oak Crest Photo Gallery.

Lakewood - (no est. date listed) This neighborhood consists of Lakewood Dr and Brookwood Dr (south) from Howell St to Cherry St.  It also includes portions of Polo Rd, Cherry St, and University Pky.

Lakewood Dr  - Begins at University Pky (formerly Bethabara Rd/Old Town Rd), crosses Brookwood Dr and curves around to the north and ends at Howell St.  However, the street has been baracaded in the middle of the curve making it impossible to pass through.  One can access it from Howell St, but it only goes a couple hundred feet before the baracade.  At one time it was intended to continue north across Howell St and come out on Polo Rd approximately where the playschool is now located but it was never completed.   

Brookwood Dr (south) - Begins at Cherry St and runs north to Brookglen Apartments.  Then it continues from Brookglen Apartments to Polo Rd running through the Wake Homes neighborhood. 

Wakefield Dr - (formerly Pine St) begins at Brookwood Dr and ends at Howell St. 

Howell St - Begins at University Pky (formerly Bethabara Rd) and ends at Cherry St.  A portion of Howell St is called Aspen Way and goes through the middle of Aspen Park apartment complex beween Brookwood Dr and Lakewood Dr. 

Polo Rd (south side only) - From University Pky (formerly Bethabara/Old Town Rd) to where The Sunshine House playschool is located.    

Cherry St - From Reynolds Blvd to Howell St.

University Pky - (formerly Bethabara Rd/Old Town Rd) from Reynolds Blvd (including the portion of Bethabara Rd that still branches off Reynolds Blvd) to the Wake Forest University entrance. 

 2306-lakewood-1024-x-825-256-x-206.jpg    2306-lakewood-2-1024-x-824-256-x-206.jpg 

Click on the plat above to view an expanded version.  To view additional plats of this neighborhood, visit the Other Plats photo album or visit the entire Historic Oak Crest Photo Gallery.

Wake Homes - (established October 1961) This neighborhood consists of the portion of Brookwood Dr (south) from Polo Rd to Brookglen Apartments and University Pky at the Wake Forest University entrance to Polo Rd.  All of these are ranch style homes built in the 1960’s.  The land was owned/developed by Paul H. Dunnagan.

Brookwood Dr (south) - Portion that runs from Polo Rd to Brookglen Apartments.

University Pky - (formerly Bethabara Rd/Old Town Rd) from the Wake Forest University entrance to Polo Rd.


Click on the plat above to view an expanded version or visit the entire Historic Oak Crest Photo Gallery.

Please check back soon for more information about the neighborhoods along Polo Rd between Univertsity Pky and Cherry St. 

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