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Weekly Acorn #17

Old Town is a township of Forsyth County.   Forsyth County comprises most of the original 100,000 acre Wachovia tract that the Moravians purchased in the 1700’s.  The best way to describe Old Town in relation to Forsyth County is to imagine Forsyth County as a grid with OT being one of the center squares.  The other townships in relation to OT are as follows:  Old Richmond (NW); Bethania (N); Salem Chapel (NE); Belews Creek (E of Salem Chapel); Vienna (W); Middle Fork (E); Kernersville (E of Middle Fork); Lewisville (SW); Clemmonsville (S of Lewisville, W of South Fork); South Fork (S); and Winston (SE); Broadbay (SE of Winston); Abbots Creek (E of Broadbay).  

To be a little more specific with the OT township I will list the approximate areas (communities/streets) that are near the borders of OT based on 1907 and 1927 Forsyth County maps.  These “borders” have changed over the years as most of these areas have now been annexed into the city of W-S.  The original areas along the borders of OT are as follows:

North border - Bethania; Shattalon Dr; Oak Grove School; New Hope Church; Bethania Station; Stanleyville; Oak Summit

East border - Oak Summit; Mineral Springs; Montview; Motorville

South border - 25th Street; Country Club Rd; Forsyth Country Club: Buena Vista

West border - Bethania; Pfafftown

Years ago when maps and plats were drawn out, areas within the Old Town township that were not part of a specific neighborhood or development, were simply referred to as “Old Town”.  Now days when we think of OT, we only think of the area near Old Town School, but in reality OT covered a much larger area.  

The name “Old Town” comes from the settlement of Bethabara.   Established in 1753, Bethabara is the oldest settlement of the original Wachovia tract.  Then later in 1759 the settlement of Bethania was established.   This settlement consisted of Moravians who did not wish to comply with Bethabara’s communal system and a group of outsiders who wished to live among them. 

Then in 1766 the new town of Salem was established near the center of Wachovia.   Salem, being the newest town in Wachovia, was referred to as “New Town” and Bethabara, being the oldest town, was referred to as “Old Town”. 

In my next post I will share with you the exact boundries of Oak Crest.

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