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Weekly Acorn #19

Last week I described the exact boundries of Oak Crest and included all of the streets.  Well, Oak Crest also has two additional little streets but they are not connected to any of the other streets in the neighborhood.   Originally, a single street was proposed that would have branched off of Rosedale Cr (where 135 Rosedale is now located) called Belmont Court, but it was never developed.  

Instead, the proposed Belmont Ct was redesigned into two streets (Aaron Ln and Belle Vista Ct) and became accessible from Faculty Dr, north (now Allen Easley Way) on the campus of Wake Forest University.  

Aaron Ln - this street is one block long and begins at Allen Easley Way (formerly Faculty Dr, north) between buildings 5 & 6 of Faculty Apartments and extends west for one block.  It is named after the Aaron family who owned the property when the street was created. 

Belle Vista Ct (originally proposed as Belmont Ct) - this street picks up at the end of Aaron Ln and runs south one block and ends in a cul-de-sac.  It is named after the Aaron’s daughter, Annabelle Aaron Montgomery.

Because these streets are accessible from WFU and not through Rosedale Cr as originally planned, they are now recognized as part of the Wake Forest University Property Owners Association.  But to me, they will always be Oak Crest’s “little orphans”.

I will discuss the history of this property in more detail my next multi part series about the creation of Oak Crest. 

The Wake Forest University Property Owners Association also has a detailed history of these streets. 

My next post will cover some of the neighborhoods along West Polo Rd.

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