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Weekly Acorn #16

In this segment I will tell you about two more neighborhoods that are located along University Pky and Bethabara Rd north of Polo Rd.  Here they are:

Wakeview - (established January 1956)  This neighborhood consists of Macon Dr, Kress Dr, Ranch Dr, and Waycross Dr.  all of these streets are on the east side of University Pky (formerly Bethabara/Old Town Rd).

Macon Dr - Begins at University Pky (formerly Bethabara/ Old Town Rd) and ends about one block east of  Waycross Dr in a cul-de-sac.

Kress Dr - Begins at University Pky (formerly Bethabara/Old Town Rd) and ends at Waycross Dr.

Ranch Dr - Begins at University Pky (formerly Bethabara/Old Town Rd) and ends at Waycross Dr.

Waycross Dr - Begins at Macon Dr and extends north just beyond Ranch Dr.

University Pky - (formerly Bethabara Rd/Old Town Rd) the portion on the east side between Macon Dr and Ranch Dr.

Cottage Grove - (established April 1961)  This small neighborhood is located on the west side of Bethabara Rd (formerly Old Town Rd) and consists of Barclay Terrace and Cypress Cr. 

Barclay Ter - Begins at Bethabara Rd (formerly Old Town Rd) and extends west about two blocks ending in a cul-de-sac.  

Cypress Cr - Begins at Bethabara Rd (formerly Old Town Rd) and extends west about two blocks ending in a cul-de-sac.  

Finally, I want to distinguish between University Pky, Bethabara Rd, Old Town Rd, and Tire Town Rd.  It all begins with the settlement of Bethabara.  Because Bethabara was the oldest Moravian settlement of the original Wachovia tract, it was referred to as “Old Town”.  The only roads from the town of Bethabara that led into the towns of Winston and Salem (New Town) were Indiana Av (then known as route 66) to the southeast and Old Town Rd to the southwest.   Old Town Rd led from the town of Bethabara to Reynolda Rd (where Fairlawn now intersects). 

Later a “new” or “second” Old Town Rd led from the town of Bethabara heading south and ended at Polo Rd.  Then later it was extended south from Polo Rd for several blocks and then curving east and ending at Indiana Av (at Woodland Cemetery).  There was a tire manufacturing plant at this intersection in what was later the Old Dominion Box Company.  This area where the factory was located and where all of the R J Reynolds tobacco storage warehouses are located was known as “Tire Town”.   So, the road that led between the town of Bethabara and the tire factory was known as Old Town/Tire Town Rd. 

Later, the name was changed to Bethabara Rd.  (I later learned that the section of Old Town/Tire Town Rd between Indiana Av (formerly Piney Grove Rd) and Polo Rd was changed to Bethabara Rd on 8/5/1957).  Then in the late 1960’s University Pky was built and a portion of it ran through the same stretch of road as Bethabara Rd.  This resulted in Bethabara Rd being divided into segments.  One segment leads from the town of Bethabara and ending at University Pky just north of Polo Rd.  The other segment is a short block (the curve) of the old Bethabara Rd that remains at University Pky and Reynolds Blvd.   Then the old east stretch of Bethabara Rd became 33rd St and was later changed to Reynolds Blvd in the mid 1970’s when RJR built their world headquarters building across from Whitaker Park. 

Be sure to tune in again next week for Part 4 of this series where I will discuss more about Old Town. 

Click on the plat above to view an expanded version.  To view additional plats of this neighborhood, visit the Other Plats photo album or visit the entire Historic Oak Crest Photo Gallery.

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